Barside are a Sydney – Australia based 3 piece band with a intense love of gigging.  They have been writing and performing together since 2014.

The mantra behind the band is if you are going to do something then do it like you mean it or don’t bother. This attitude comes through in everything they do. From their prolific love of crowd engagement and pushing the boundaries of the stage environment and like waves their songs take the audience on a ride, from slow melodic hard metal to hard paced driving rock.

Cameron Shields is the the driving bass that holds the bands tight riffs and melodic pace together. Playing through a unique Ampeg & Orange set up that gives his drop tunes an aural edge that can not help but engage. Influened heavily by Grinspoon, Tool and his most recent obsession Hypergiant. He is tatted lover of rock who lives for music.

Matt Giles is the the man behind the beats, absorbed in the moment his rolls are on point. He has heavy influences in the Australian and International punk scene. You will find his heart close to Sydney’s ToeToToe, Matchbook Romance, Strung Out to name a few.

On rhythm guitar and vocals Matt Hermitage running through a Hovercraft amp and Uber cab does it like he means it, you can almost here a Kyuss, Toolage tone in his set up. Vocally he has a strong and engaging voice that breaks through the crowd.