As some of you may now my brother was killed in a tragic car accident over a year ago. Two days after his death I played music at a friends party about 500 metres from the scene of the accident as fate would have it. I could barely see the music I was reading due to tears in my eyes. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to do at the time but I am glad i didn’t pull the pin. I am glad I had a go. I remember looking at my brother at Glebe Coroners Court, can they do something to that joint to make it a bit cheery please. Said my farewells, didn’t want to leave him there, as cold as he was. A world of hurt, a world of drinking later and over indulgence and I am ok some days, others i am a wreck.

After speaking with countless people and you know who you are, thanks. I feel like I am finally turning a corner from the anger I had toward an inner piece. My brother was a strong man, quiet but if you rattled his cage he would sort you out quick sticks. Growing up with him as there was a bit of an age difference I was that younger annoying brother, but his annoying brother. His mates named him HOOK, he never let me call him it, well he did but it was a right that only his friends could use. I never new why they called him HOOK, I presumed because he had a mad right hook that could flatten the best of men. Well HOOK I am going to call you HOOK from now on and you can not do anything about it 🙂

I grew up with a few struggles, everyone has their story, as some of my closer friends understand, but HOOK was always there, quietly in the background. Never causing a prob but always out for a good time and a laugh. To all who have a brother I say to you you’re blessed, tell them what they mean to you, if you have had a falling out, well sort it out and evolve, your time here has an expiry date so don’t let it lapse without being connected to them.

At his funeral a close friend called him an Avatar at the time I didn’t really get it as I sat their watching dirt fall on his coffin. Now i do and he was.

So as a type of Eulogy I have written a song for my brother, it is all I have of him and everytime I sing this it moves me. I want to thank Cam & Gilesy, these two men have kept me together during the hardest times of my life, although they may not know it. I have said it before and i will say it again, I feel like I lost my brother that day but gained two after his death. I also want to thank Ryhs Web from Fraser Rose Studio’s, Rhys is an amazing man, a deeply spiritual being and also the best musician and music producer I know. Rhys thank you for helping us get this out, it feels like you have helped me turn a corner and I am moving in the right direction again.

Here is a sample of it FYI, the rest will come soon.

Love ya HOOK