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Get yourself Barside

Barside are a Sydney based Rock outfit, we play original works and are influenced by bands like QOTSA, Tool, Thrice, Slick Shoes Black Keys and the list goes on.
We are only interested in playing venues that have sound equipment and audio people on board.
We are recording our debut EP in November 2015 due to be released December 2015.

Barside mantra is as much about great friends and rad times as it is about music and liquor.
Don’t get me wrong, all three of us feel passsionate towards varied styles of music and are somewhat addicted to our favourites.
However, the camaraderie we share and freedom to question our different opinions amongst the band, is what should help us to stand up and take it to the next level.

Maybe all the way. Wyld Stallions

As well as, of course a few cameo appearances from our casual, backpacking fourth member “Hanse”.
Further than just living up to our namesake, kicking it around the bar laughing, knocking ’em back. Which is a favourite past time of ours.

Barside is continuing on its roller coaster ride through music, life, the whole beshizzle.
Hopefully you can join us.

We are pretty sure it’s your shout

These guys rocked the house, only gig I have been to where a bra gets thrown on stage


Saw Barside at the factory Theatre in 2015 and loved their vibe, keen to see them around the Sydney music scene asap.


Looking forward to seeing them play the Metro in December, should be an a awesome gig..

Sharlene Sheilds


AKA Animal, driving beats faster than the limit


AKA Film Truck, keeping the sync and laying the bass


AKA Cymbals, rhythm guitar and melody


AKA Shredder, lead guitar and slide

Do as they tell you.


Free drinks for the most passionate fans